Monthly Reporting

At the end of every month, GMG puts together a monthly marketing, SEO, and web report for each of our integrated marketing clients detailing what we worked on in the past four weeks, how we’re doing on the goals we’ve previously established, and what our plans are for the coming months.



Each client Is tailored to every strategy; no two reports will be the same. We always customize reports based on the client’s goals and what work we’ve completed for them. So, for example, it wouldn’t make sense to include email marketing metrics in every client report because not every client does email marketing. Our biggest tip in putting together monthly reports is to make sure that you are tailored to your specific goals.


We also take the time to schedule a monthly call with every client to go over the reports in more detail, answer any questions the client might have, elaborate on what the data means, and coordinate upcoming campaigns and initiatives. Sometimes, we’ll even schedule more frequent calls – it all depends on our level of engagement with the client.

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