Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know which social media platforms are right for me?

You don’t have to! Here at Grid Marketing Group (GMG)., we’ll work with you to find the best strategy for your brand. We never want you to over extend on social media (or your budget) so we will give you honest feedback on where we think you need to be and help you figure out what’s truly best for your business.

Can I add or remove the social media platforms to be managed?

Of course! You are welcome to change things up whenever you need to. Flexibility is our middle name.

Do you create and curate all the content for my social media or do I have to provide you with anything?

Product photos are very helpful towards building a professional social media campaign, but they are not mandatory. For our other businesses, like services and professionals, any photos you have are also welcome to be shared, but not required. Typically, we can get everything we need from your website.

What are you going to post?

We post a variety of content depending on what best fits your brand and your goals. We follow the 80/20 marketing rule, where eighty percent of your content is aimed to engage your target audience, while twenty percent will be advertising to them. With that in mind, we will share interesting articles, beautiful branded graphics and other sharable content with your fans, as well as post links back to your website promoting your products or services. We also make sure your blog is posted professionally to your social media platforms and as well as to your website.

How often do you post and why?

Depending on the needs and size of your company, we can post either three or five times a week. Although some social media agencies prefer to flood your social media with irrelevant posts purely to seem busy and imply they are working harder, we prefer to work smarter. Quality, not quantity, is what you will find at Grid Marketing Group (GMG).

Will you setup my social media platforms? Is that extra?

Setup of your social media platforms, including professional artwork and content optimization, is always included when needed. We know you don’t have time to do everything yourself, and we’re happy to help out. If you prefer to setup your social media platforms yourself, we’ll walk you through it. And no, there is no extra charge for this.

When do you charge me?

Your first invoice will be due when we start your campaign and cover your service your first month with us. After that, you are billed on the 1st of the month every month.

What can I expect when I sign up for Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is an essential element of your social media strategy, and we take your advertising campaigns very seriously. Depending on the type of ads you want to run, we’ll work with you to make sure they are carried out professionally as well as aimed to reach your goals. We can run ads through our advertising account and share the results with you via email, or we can access your advertising account so that you can login and see your ads in action at any time.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

We prepare your content in advance to make sure there are no surprises, so we do ask for notice if you wish to end your contract tell us 30 days prior to cancellation. Notifying us 30 days before will let us know you will not be moving on in the month to follow.

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